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A Quick Guide to Using Recycled Aggregates When Landscaping

When landscaping your garden, you’ll likely need some aggregates. These may be anything from stone chips or wood chips to sand and gravel. Of course, they’re available from an assortment of places, but if you really want to make sure you make a positive impact on the environment, look for recycled aggregates.

20mm Aggregate

What are Recycled Aggregates?

Put simply, the term ‘aggregates’ usually refers to bits of rock. However, when it comes to recycling, concrete is often broken up into small pieces which can also be used as aggregate. This is just one type, however, and while it comes in a range of sizes, you should also be aware that there are wood chips that are classified as aggregates and come from garden waste.

In addition, you can find sand that may be recycled as well. Since you are reusing these things, they have a much lower impact on the environment and are an eco-friendly way to decorate your garden. Recycling centres are most likely to offer these options since they take what is dropped off and process it for recycling.

How to Use Recycled Aggregates

There are many ways to use aggregates, including recycled ones, in your landscaping. Here are some ideas you might find useful.

Flowerbeds: Your flowerbeds will look lovely with wood chips or other types of aggregates spread over them. This prevents weeds from springing up and can also aid the soil in retaining water so you don’t need to water them as often.

Plant bed edging: The edges of your plant beds may also benefit from some edging. A line of large gravel or broken concrete pieces may be just what you need. Some people like to edge their beds with wood chips. Alternatively, you may want to create concrete kerbs (see below).

Paths: Paths may be made from concrete, wood chips, gravel, or even sand. As long as you have solid edges along the sides of the path, you can fill it in with nearly anything. Of course, concrete will also work, either poured as a solid path or used to create stepping stones.

Concrete: Concrete requires a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates. Recycled aggregates can be used in this mixture, in whatever size works best for your needs. With the concrete, you can pour bases for sheds, swings, or gazebos. You can even make your own concrete sculptures and bird baths if you like.

Do these ideas sound like a great fit for your upcoming project? Newbery Recycling offers a wide range of recycled aggregates suitable for a range of applications and styles. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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