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Scrap car recycling in Devon

Scrapped car

Car recycling solutions

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Newbery Recycling Ltd offers scrap car recycling solutions. We are licensed and registered, and will ensure that your car is disposed of professionally, safely and in compliance with environmental standards. 


Our team of experts will dismantle your car, and clean and test all of the relevant parts. We recycle and reuse any working parts to prevent your scrap car ending up in a landfill. We can collect all types of vehicles with our recovery and crane lorries at no extra cost. Our staff also offer Scrap Car Certificates of Destruction. 

Our car scrapping process involves: 

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  • Outer body of the car is depolluted to stop contamination

  • Any fluids in the car will be removed by draining it, this includes draining petrol or diesel, oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid and gearbox fluids

  • Cleaning reusable parts 

  • Crushing or shredding the car in a safe and environmentally friendly manner

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