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A Recycling Revolution: Innovative Uses for Recycled Plastic

With the climate crisis in full swing, people are constantly on the search for new and innovative ways to adopt more sustainable practices. One such way that has been especially significant in recent years is how to responsibly and effectively recycle plastic, so that it can have a second life that also serves a useful purpose in society.

In this blog, we will be looking at three of the ways in which recycled plastic can be used positively, inspiring ways for others to dispose of the material responsibly in the future.

Waterbutt made of recycled plastic

Outdoor Furniture

One way to encourage people to get outdoors and enjoy public spaces, especially in green areas, is to provide places for people to sit, socialise and enjoy their surroundings. Of course, your typical park bench or picnic table is made from wood, which, although is somewhat a sustainable resource, does not actually work out as being fully environmentally efficient to use when demand outweighs supply.

An alternative, then? Plastic. That’s right, recycled plastic can actually be turned into outdoor furniture. What’s especially great about this is that, unlike wood, plastic is resistant to environmental damage and weathering over time, so it won’t fade or weaken in the sun, nor will it grow weak or rot after prolonged exposure to rain.

Using recycled plastic would be great for introducing more public benches, picnic areas and even adding more equipment to children’s play areas.

Flower Pots

If you’re an avid gardener who also cares for the environment, then you’ll be glad to know that recycled plastic is great for turning into flower pots. Plastic makes for great indoor and outdoor plant pots for a number of reasons; it withstands freezing temperatures, it’s lightweight and it retains its colour for years - ensuring that this plastic is simply recycled plastic then adds the benefit of it being sustainable, as well.

You could even try your own hand at repurposing plastic in your own home to turn into a planter. If you have any kids, then a great activity is to take any large empty bottles you have and turn them into sweet animal planters. All you have to do is mark around the circumference of the bottle at its halfway point, draw some animal ears on top of this line and cut around this shape, then paint whichever animal you choose on there - then when it’s dry, it’s ready for your plant to go in!


Recycled plastic makes for an excellent building material that is both cheap and easy to work with. As such, researchers from the University of Bath have been working to design and test reusable shelters for refugees and rough sleepers. This form of low-cost and easy-to-construct housing is a great way to make use of recycled plastic and sustainably tackle the housing crisis at the same time.

Plastic Recycling Taunton

If you work in a company that could be doing more to dispose of its waste responsibly, then you need Newbery Recycling Ltd. Our commercial recycling services take your waste products and turn them into valuable resources, helping to serve a greener planet.

From cardboard to soft plastic recycling, we offer commercial waste collection to come and collect all of your recyclable waste, then take it back to our facility to dispose of responsibly.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our commercial and domestic recycling services.

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