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What Can a Waste Management Company Offer You?

A waste management company can offer you comprehensive solutions for your commercial waste collection, transfer, and disposal needs, alongside recycling services for cardboard, plastic, and even hazardous materials. Whether you’re working on a construction project and require a skip, or if you need a comprehensive waste disposal service for your business, hiring a waste management company can make your life easier and your business more efficient. Not only that, but waste management measures can save you time and money, improve health and safety measures for your employees, and prevent environmental damage. Read on to find out more about the variety of services a waste management company can offer to you, and how Newbery Recycling can help provide these with passion and care.


Recycling Services

Any good waste management company offers a range of recycling services to improve commercial sustainability, as well as making your business’ approach to waste more efficient. The environment currently relies heavily on single-use plastic recycling and cardboard box recycling, and it is crucial for us to keep up this effective recycling treatment. Through a waste management service, single-use materials can be reused and recycled into valuable resources, helping the environment in the process.

This service doesn’t stop at plastic and cardboard box recycling, as many waste management companies offer WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling, for both non-hazardous and hazardous electronics. Electrical items can be removed and transported to a WEEE facility for refurbishment and recycling, perfectly suitable if you need to clear out your commercial office from redundant technology.

Categories of WEEE include;

● Household appliances

● IT and telecommunication equipment

● Consumer equipment

● Lighting equipment

● Electrical and electronic tools

● Toys, sports and leisure equipment

● Medical devices

● Monitoring and control equipment

● Automatic dispensers

Visit the dedicated page on our website for more information on WEEE waste management and discover how Newbury Recycling can help provide you with excellent recycling services.

Skip Hire

For any renovation or construction project, hiring a skip is a great way to ensure that any waste created will be discarded in an environmentally-conscious manner. Litter is sorted and recycled at a waste transfer station to prevent pollution, and toxic substances can be removed through comprehensive waste treatment techniques. Skips are ideal for messy, heavy waste created over a period of time, keeping your commercial or residential property nice and tidy, even during the most drastic of construction conditions.

By hiring a skip, the stress of messy working conditions is placated and recycling becomes a convenient, simple, and affordable process. Whatsmore, any waste management company worth its salt will offer skips in a range of shapes and sizes. For example, at Newbury Recycling, skips range in size from 3.5 to 12 yards in height, giving you the ability to be provided with a skip that suits the specific needs of your construction or renovation project. Whatsmore, with Newbury Recycling, wheelie bins are also available for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste, giving you further flexibility in your waste management options.

When hiring a skip from a waste management company, it is important to research where your waste will actually be going. At Newbery Recycling, we have a dedicated transfer station, which efficiently separates and processes the waste collected. By separating the plastic recycling from, say, cardboard box recycling, we are able to more effectively reuse the waste, helping both you and the environment. With current regulations, having a reduced carbon footprint can help preserve your business’ reputation.

Commercial Waste Collection

If your business needs to dispose of hazardous waste, it is vital for you and your employees’ safety that you gain assistance from a waste management company, due to the potential risks and hazards that can arise from such dangerous materials. When consulting waste management companies, it is especially important to select a professional and licensed company, as there are guidelines and documentation that your business must be compliant with. Furthermore, a fully accredited commercial waste company will ensure that you receive reliable service without incident.

The hazardous waste most commonly in need of collection and disposal includes:

● Aerosols and sprays

● Batteries

● Asbestos

● Laboratory chemicals

● Solvents

● Fluorescent tubes

● Oils

● Paints

● Pharmaceutical waste

The safe collection and disposal of these hazardous materials is of utmost importance, as there are varying risks associated with every substance. Oils and corrosive liquids, for example, can lead to skin irritation, dermatitis, or even skin cancer if you have frequent contact with them. If you can identify hazardous materials stored without adequate safety measures, a commercial waste collection service can even help potentially save lives for you and your business.

Sand And Aggregates

Sand and aggregate are commonly used in construction to help make concrete more compact, giving it increased mechanical strength and limiting the amount of shrinking that takes place when concrete is cured. They are also sometimes used in water filtration and sewage treatment processes. These are vital components to any construction project, especially in making concrete, an excellent cost-effective building material.

When looking for aggregates from a waste management company, the ideal product will be clean, hard, and strong. It should also be free of harmful chemicals and other contaminants which can affect the hydration of cement or diminish the paste/aggregate bond. Steer clear of aggregates that are easy to split and break up.

Good quality aggregates will smoothen whatever commercial or domestic construction project you undertake, and at Newbery Recycling, we offer a variety of aggregates, with our stock including;

● Sand

● Chippings

● Decorative Chippings

● Grit

● Concrete mix

● Mortar Mix

● Recycled scalping

Click here if you’d like to find out more, and learn about our efficient on-site bagging services.

Scrap Metal

Some waste management companies collect and dispose of scrap metal, especially useful for both commercial and domestic recycling services. The scrap metal recycling process begins by categorising the metals so that they don’t mix, as this can negatively affect the recycling method as a whole. Metals are then split into smaller pieces to make it easier for them to melt down, as metals with a lengthy melting process can damage the environment. Afterwards, metals are melted and purified, before solidification shapes the metals to be used again.

Ideally, a good waste management service would collect and recycle a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, as well as aluminium and brass scrap, and might even include metal grading with its removal. Going down this route in recycling your metal can potentially save you money, removes the hassle, and is very environmentally friendly, freeing up space in a landfill. Such ideal waste collection and management services are offered at Newbery Recycling, where we can recycle all grades of scrap metal, including;

● Aluminium scrap

● Copper scrap

● Brass scrap

● Lead scrap

● Stainless steel scrap

● Alloys

● All grades of steel and iron

We can even provide dedicated scrap car recycling. We’ll be able to dispose of your vehicle in a sustainable, safely meeting environmental standards, and we collect all vehicles at no extra cost. We always try to be transparent with the car scrap recycling process, which begins with the removal of the car’s hazardous materials.

● Airbags must be removed; they contain chemicals and can also explode.

● The petrol tank contains flammable fumes.

● Seat belt pretensioners contain pyrotechnic charges, which can create sparks.

● The car battery contains acid and lead, two dangerous materials.

The liquids in the car are then drained, these include petrol/diesel, oil, brake and gearbox fluids. Any reusable parts (such as tyres) are then cleaned for recycling, whilst the rest of the car is crushed in a sustainable way that meets environmental regulations - and you will be offered a Scrap Car Certificate of Destruction.

Our Waste Management Services

If any of these waste management services have piqued your interest, Newbery Recycling can help. Based in Barnstaple, and serving the North Devon area, we can provide you with dedicated solutions to all of your recycling and waste disposal needs. We’ll take the hassle out of waste management for your business at affordable prices, whilst also helping the environment, improving your business’s public image, and keeping your employees safe in the process. If your business needs to discard hazardous materials or continue plastic and cardboard box recycling, Newbery Recycling are a trustworthy, licensed and accredited waste management company that will help you with dedication and care. Contact us today at and 01271 441 121 for more information.

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