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Why You Should Start Taking Advantage of Brass Recycling

Scrap metal recycling is a great way to reuse resources as well as avoid sending scrap metal to landfills. Brass is a very versatile metal alloy composed primarily of copper and zinc. You will commonly find brass in plumbing fixtures, musical instruments, ammunition casings and decorations. It has a bright gold colour and offers great durability for a variety of industries. Brass production is not good for the environment, so rather than creating more, it is much better for the planet to recycle what we already have through scrap metal dealers. Brass is 100% recyclable, so why should you start recycling your brass at a scrap metal yard?

Brass fittings

Conserve natural resources

As mentioned above, mining copper and zinc for brass production is environmentally destructive, disturbs landscapes and produces hazardous mine waste. By recycling brass you are reducing the need for virgin mining and helping to conserve natural resources. You are also cutting out the need for excessive amounts of energy that are required to manufacture brass.

Reduces waste

Scrap metal yards give you the option to recycle metals that would otherwise go to landfills. In the UK, we are urgently running out of landfill space, meaning we must recycle as much as possible. Brass takes hundreds of years to decompose so it will be sat in landfill for a very long time. Choosing to recycle brass is a great idea because it reduces the need for new disposal capacity.

Lower greenhouse emissions

The production of brass emits a massive amount of greenhouse emissions through mining, smelting and manufacturing. When you take brass to scrap metal dealers, you can earn a bit of money and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being put into the atmosphere when creating new brass.


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